Birthday Parties

Let the Hutchinson Zoo help host your child's birthday party! We have two birthday packages to choice from when planning your child's party:

 Basic Party Package

  • 2 hour rental of the Discovery Center
  • 20 train tickets (pick up at the gift shop; additional tickets can be purchased at regular price)
  • $50 for nonmembers, $40 for members
  • Pail of fish food (Pail should be picked up and returned to the gift shop)

Deluxe Party Package

  • 10 to 15 minute animal encounter
  • $60 for nonmembers, $48 for members
  • Basic package


Party reservations must be made at least 2 weeks in advance and payment is due at the time of making the reservation. This is done to ensure date, time, and room are available and no one else can reserve them. View the full list of birthday party rental rules.

For party questions or booking contact Zoe via email or via phone at 620-694-2652.

Additional Details

Animal Encounter Choice

The animal used for the encounter is selected by Educator or Zookeeper, but you have the choice of mammal, reptile, or bird. (It is possible one of these choices may not be offered at the time of the party due to animal availability.)

Fish Food

The Fish food is for feeding the koi at the pond by the Wild Habitat Building. Fish food may not be fed to the contact barn animals or thrown in the lake by the gift shop. The fish food pail must be brought back to the gift shop prior to leaving the zoo.

Prairie Thunder Railroad

The Prairie Thunder Railroad is run on a volunteer basis. The zoo staff will do everything they can to ensure a volunteer is able to drive the train; however, it is not guaranteed. If the train is not operating due to weather, no volunteer, or any other reason, the tickets will still need to be picked up. These tickets can be used at a later date, so feel free to give them to guests as party favors.