Friends of the Zoo


  • Corey O'Brien, President
  • Sheila Bartley, Vice-President
  • Tom Burris, Treasurer
  • Karen Taylor, Secretary
  • Ruth Barker, Emeritis Board Members
  • Tom Dooley, Emeritis Board Members
  • Audry Lett, Emeritis Board Members
  • Kara Bunce
  • Justin Combs, Director of Parks and Facilities

  • Curtis Jefferis
  • Diane Dugger
  • Emily Hoefer
  • Connie Johnson
  • Stacy Markley
  • Marie Moses
  • Mike Robinson
  • Ryan VanZant, Zoo Director


The Hutchinson Friends of the Zoo is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. The Friends was created as a fundraising board for the Hutchinson Zoo. Through fundraising efforts the board raises additional capitol for improvements and expansions.