Mississippi Kites

Have you seen a Mississippi Kite in your area?

They might be hanging out in your yard or neighborhood. Chicks hop out onto branches near their nest at about a month old. They jump around the area gradually increasing the distance they travel from the nest. During this time they will practice flying short spans before returning to the nest for feedings. They often land on the ground during this process. While they may look abandoned the parents are usually out hunting and will be able to locate the young when they return. 

In their fledgling stage, you may see them in the trees or on the ground around your house. They often hop around or try to take flight, sometimes unsuccessfully, from the ground. If one of these birds is learning how to fly in your yard please keep your distance, do not give it food or water, and watch for the parents. If you see this bird in your yard please wait 24 to 48 hours before approaching and look for their parents to bring them food. Unless the bird has an obvious injury, such as lying on its back or side or bleeding, please do not approach it. 

It takes about four weeks for the fledglings to learn this important step in their development. After this time they will start to venture further from their nest until they make their own. These unique birds will make their way all the way to South America for their winter migration. 

Mississippi Kites consume large insects including cicadas, grasshoppers, and beetles. They will not eat birds, household pets, or small mammals. 

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